What we value

We carry out original research in the fields of law, computer science, and design. Our documents and our services are:


They drive desirable outcomes, rather than just deal with the consequences of failure or punishment


They are created with, for, and around the needs and abilities of all their users, rather than only for those of lawyers and courts


They enable people to understand and do the right thing easily, rather than require considerable investments of time, money, effort or expertise

Our latest project

Nobody reads privacy policies. They are too long and too complex. However, we are constantly asked to declare to “have read and understood the terms”. With the simple click of a button, we may consent to unwanted uses of our personal data. Visual communication can help people to navigate and make sense of difficult legal texts. To this end, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recommends providing information about data practices in combination with icons.

  • How should these icons look like?
  • Which data protection concepts should they represent?
  • How and by whom should they be designed?
  • In which context should they be used?
  • Do they help the individual to navigate and understand privacy policies?
  • Do they help the individual to make consent choices more in line with her preferences?

With our project, we have sought to answer these and related questions.