DaPIS v. 2: the Data Protection Icon Set

In the period March – July 2018, we held a series of participatory design workshops with the collaboration of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna and the Società Italiana Informatica Giuridica. It was a beautiful experience: design students, lawyers, computer scientists, communication experts and interested citizens co-created a consistent set of icons: DaPIS, the Data Protection Icon Set.

DaPIS is modeled on PrOnto‘s conceptual modules: it represents processed data, agents, processing purposes, legal bases, and the rights of the data subject.

DaPIS is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

 Download DaPIS. Refer to the “readme.txt” file to learn how to correctly use and attribute this work.

Read the report that describes the creation and evaluation of DaPIS. Refer to our publications to learn more about the methodology to design the icon set and the PrOnto ontology and to cite this work.

This is DaPIS, our Data Protection Icon Set.

A visual exploration of DaPIS:

DaPIS v. 1

In July-August 2017, we designed a preliminary icon set that describes some core concepts of the GDPR, based on the PrOnto ontology. To imagine and discuss how these icons should look like, we held an exploratory multi-stakeholder workshop at the Legal Design Lab of Stanford Law School. The workshop was structured around the design cycle and involved a mix of lawyers, computer scientists, law students, designers, graphic artists, and engaged citizens.

As a result of the workshop and consequent iterations of small sample testing, we developed an icon set’s prototype that was then refined based on the results of the user study and used to build DaPIS.

 Download the first icon set.